Monday, 6 February 2017

Bins, St Joan of Arc, Trois Vallees, Hyacinths

Don't you just love this book cover?
It's not the outside jacket but it should be.
I got Paolo Moschino's new book because even though I am trying to limit my books I got it because it features London properties.
I saw a documentary on Faberge and it piqued my interest that I wanted a permanent reference on my shelves.

I saw a fantastic play at the Donmar called Saint Joan.
It was about Joan of Arc but mirrored present day issues such as Aleppo, religious fanaticism and references to Frexit - 
French Brexit. 
You really should watch it if you are in town.

Don't you find bins tough to assimilate into your home even if you aren't into decor?
I got this on sale and I love it because it has an insert to easily dispose of rubbish.
I might get another one now.

Post offices were going to go the way of dinosaurs and yet now they are so pivotal.
This was the queue in January and not before Christmas!

I had a bit of a hiccup this month with a friend.
It was so mentally exhausting and I rarely need a drink 
but after an "episode" I drank a few gin and tonics.  
While it is never nice to argue,
 I think it is nice to lighten the load and rid your life of toxic people.
But bars must hate me because I eat my body weight in accompanying popcorn/nuts/pretzels.

I bought mixed bulbs last autumn and dumped them in the courtyard as it is meant to be chilled but then forgot to label them.
One of them is definitely hyacinths and I am so glad I bothered to transplant them in bowls.

I am getting closer to thinking about a dog but just trying to figure out logistics.
Also I am afraid I might never leave the house again.
I find that when Millie is around I just hang out with her all day and only go to the park.

But I did go skiing with my brother but this time around he was better than me.
We were highly competitive as children and that only carried on the first day and I had to admit defeat which he relished so much.

He advised me to compete against myself and I got an app to see my improvement.
Ski tracks lite was my daily.

I normally chase the sun but it seemed the Vitamin D supplements were working and I didn't feel the need to sit by a pool.

I loved the drastic hourly difference in the mountains.

I do love the three valleys for the difference in landscape and ambiance.

Just remember that there are certain runs like the one below that are not insurable.

Don't forget you need separate insurance for off piste skiing 
which I didn't and my brother was chaperoning me 
the day I went off piste.

Apres ski was fun but I didn't last outside so I did it mostly inside in front of a fire.

Snow is only fun for skiers or children but it does make other things really difficult.

Luckily I took the direct ski train back to London which was convenient.

But Calais is thoroughly depressing. I never really noticed all the fences before.

But here is to the year of the rooster - may it be a peaceful one! x

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Vogue January Paris 2017 - The Karl Lagerfeld Issue

Yesterday was the Chanel fashion show with the two featured on the cover in the show finale.

Karl and Lily-Rose Depp - the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp.

I had the post done and then my inept handling of the still very foreign sign language of my Macbook somehow destroyed it and so now this will be just a simple sharing post!

Gloves are most definitely synonymous with the Queen, Michael Jackson, and of course, Karl.

He does love to read and seems to have the most beautiful libraries in all his homes.

The article is in French but the names translate easily for your viewing.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Butter - just butter.

I had an early morning meeting and as I finished earlier than expected I went to the supermarket and it was blissfully empty.

Empty enough to be able to take pictures without people in front of the goods but also so people wouldn't think I was nuts taking pictures of butter.

I love butter.
I absolutely adore it.
My childhood was when margarine was meant to be healthier so there was no butter in the house.
Plus I grew up in Korea before globalisation so butter wasn't really stocked readily nor was it considered a staple for every household.

But I always choose butter. 
It tastes better and while the medical studies are not yet unanimous, it seems it is most likely healthier too - in doses.

My aunt though has been prescribed by her doctor to have these spreads and she says her cholesterol has gone down so obviously you must take advise from medical professionals.

I remember the days when you used to have salted or unsalted.
Those were NOT the good old days of butter.
My grandmother even in the 80's would always note than her own grandmother would have loved supermarket shopping and would have marvelled at the choice and range of food.
That is exactly how I feel when I see the butter section these days.

While we are inundated with so much choice and 
I tend to complain about short circuiting the brain which I have discussed in this post I wrote years ago.

President slightly salted was at one time considered revolutionary!
Organic was only procured at farmer's markets.
Goose fat was only available at the proper delicatessen.
This aisle is the best end result of capitalism.

I would prefer my own dairy cows and churn my own butter in an ideal world.

But I have different butters for different purposes.

There is one butter that is not shown here that I used to use a lot on toast.
It was a white, Italian, alpine butter that was so delicate that even for my chilli scorched and undertasting palette, I would enjoy it on its own on toast.

Now I get really poncy and butter whacky.

I have President salted with jam on toast.
I have the really salty Normandy unpasteurised butter with honey on toast.

I cook veggies in Ghee which is a clarified butter.

I add regular butter to steak or chicken at the end in the pan for extra flavour.
I do try and initially use coconut oil for health benefits but find that goats butter does nothing for me and distracts my tastebuds.

Goose fat if I am doing proper roast potatoes.

But I have no opinion on baking butter as I don't bake.
Although it seems people do use Anchor or Countrylife for that specific purpose.

I think the market stock Echire butter for people to buy for display at dinner parties but personally I think standards of butter has improved so much in the U.K. that unless you have an overtasting and very delicate palette then it might not be worth the money.

I used to hate anything "spreadable" as it seemed unnatural and 
I was sure they must have hydrogenated the butter but it seems technology has advanced and I buy the President for my husband who couldn't stand butter for the reason it would always be the wrong temperature to spread on bread.

You may have a completely different butter range where you live of course!
But this is a snippet of the butter aisle in my local supermarket for those of you who like little snippets of ordinary life.

Are you butter, margarine, coconut oil or "other"?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tatler January 2017 and December 2016 issues

I stopped subscribing to Tatler for years and only read it at the salon until last year when I realised that they had brought back the tongue in cheek and British humour that it had back in the 90's.
 That was the decade that brought you the IT girl who had everything but internet connection.

But who is she?
Back then people thought you were a bit self obsessed if you  used eye cream before  the age of 30.
The good old days -  yes, that applies even to things like the narcissistic index of socialites.

The cover girl who naturally had an editorial inside the issue is...

Now get this Andy Warhol,
 if you're reading this, 
she is on the periphery of quasi famous by virtue of having dated someone famous.

But most Londoners would just know her as their plastic surgeon's daughter.
She is the sister of Suki Waterhouse, 
who if she hadn't been on the arm or beard
 ( depends who you are asking ) of Bradley Cooper, 
would be another private school educated girl hanging about town.
In fact, she does look like most girls hanging about west London skiving off school.

I  like it when Tatler gets a young British  beauty who is a friend of a friend of someone in the editorial team to pose for the jewellery  feature.
Isn't she a beauty? 
Great bone structure, skin, hair, and colouring.
So refreshing.

Gosh, it seems one of the effects of selfies is that no one streaks anymore.
It's true.
Think about it.
When is the last sports match you saw that had a streaker?
People would miss it because they would be preoccupied with taking selfies anyway.

This is an arbitrary photo of a chicken with a tiara.

There was a  gazillion page editorial about this girl who has a long backstory but I couldn't be bothered enough to even read about it.
But while I am sharing.

Tatler did its British dolce vita propagation with a gorgeous family with a country home complete with horses and dogs.

Not my idea of dolce vita but then if it were the British countryside would be crowded so it all works out.

I can't think of anything further removed from the British countryside than Gucci.
And yet it was the backdrop to its ad campaign.

I love the picture of the two ladies because their lack of intimacy  and disconnection just seems like a family portrait of a  grandmother disapproving of her granddaughter who better marry well because she won't be included in the will.

I love this picture. 
But not for the fashion element.
It just seems like it was a photo taken with some anecdote told during a monthly editor's meeting.
"Oh mummy told me that when Camilla and Charles were dating, he told her to  go and slip on something sexy and she came back with a slip  over her jumper!"
Sounds like something Camilla would do too.

Diamonds go with everything  -  including tartan.

This is a purely British thing that I laugh about mostly because 
I am not a local so local cultural eccentricities entertain me 
as much  as bowing in Japan amuses westerners.
Don't know if you know but the word "toilet" is considered a bit  naff by some in the U.K.
I don't know why but I have a feeling it is the disdain of any word derived from French which is odd because chances are they would be of Norman stock.
Pronouncing restaurant  -  restaurang  - is also very naff. 
That applies to even French people pronouncing it that way while speaking English.
I personally like loo bc it is quick and  easy to say and 
bathroom seems like an elaborate charade to mask the real reason why you are leaving the  room/table.

The only other time I took this subject seriously was when Oprah  did a special about what to do if you get abducted.

I  don't read the horoscopes much anymore after Jonathan Cainer died.
I liked how equivocal he was and how everyone's horoscope seemed to apply to everyone.
It was always positive and good old fashioned sense.
But I know some who think the Tatler horoscopes are a reasonable replacement.

 Russia is in the news a lot lately.
But let's talk about fun Russian stuff.
There is an instagram hero ( Tatler's words not mine ) 
who uses her fame to fight a few noble causes she can while she bares her bum and all that pole dancing doesn't go in vain.

There is another Russian who has been in the social media /publicity circuit.
He is a Russian who immigrated to the U.K. after making a fortune and has fashioned himself as a quintessential British country gent.
He works his PR team hard. 
He also has a company with his namesake, Leon Max.
I just remember from the BBC show that his fellow Russian wife didn't really appreciate the huge country house and running it.
I  think she would be happy with a 2 bed flat in Knightsbridge.
She should speak with Melania and give her tips on how to handle getting a poisoned chalice one never dreamed about as a little girl because all she probably wanted was the usual monetary trinkets but none of this responsibility that has legacy attached to it.